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BD 3 Literature 1 answer below »


Character creation can be as varied as the many genres of literature that you have explored. Many characters are created by observing real people and adding other special qualities. As literary enthusiasts and critics, each member of the literary club is also an observer of fictional characters. Therefore, this week, the literary club will be discussing the traits illustrated in a favorite fictional character. Discuss with your classmates the following:“I sometimes used to ask myself, what on earth did I love her for? Maybe for the warm hazel iris of her fluffy eyes, or for the natural side-wave of her brown hair, done anyhow, or again for that movement of her plump shoulders. But, probably the truth was that I loved her because she loved me. To her I was the ideal man: brains, pluck. And there was none dressed better. I remember once, when I first put on that new dinner jacket, with the vast trousers, she clasped her hands, sank down on a chair and murmured: 'Oh, Herman….' It was ravishment bordering upon something like heavenly woe.” ? Vladimir Nabokov


In the quote above, Vladimir Nabokov describes in detail 2 characters to acquaint you with their physical traits and personalities. Think about the personality traits of your favorite character from a novel, film, or television series that you can share with the literary group. How would you define the mannerisms, consistent action, or dialogue of the fictional character? What is the specific aspect of the character’s traits that makes you loyal to this particular character? Discuss with 2 or 3 classmates how your character is similar or different from the characters they present.


Discusswith others why some of the characters presented would or would not be believable in the real world.


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