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: Individual Project Unit: Organized Crime Versus Terrorism Due Date: Mon, 5/2/16 Grading Type:…


: Individual Project Unit: Organized Crime Versus TerrorismDue Date: Mon, 5/2/16Grading Type:Numeric Points Possible: 150 Points Earned: 0Deliverable Length: 14–16 pages + title page, abstract, and reference pages.View objectives for this assignmentGo To: Assignment DetailsScenarioLearning MaterialsReading AssignmentMy Work: Online Deliverables: Submissions Looking for tutoring? Go to Smarthinking Collapse All | Expand All Collapse All | Expand All Assignment Details Assignment Description

Weekly tasks or assignments (Individual or Group Projects) will be due by Monday and late submissions will be assigned a late penalty in accordance with the late penalty policy found in the syllabus. NOTE: All submission posting times are based on midnight Central Time.

Key Assignment Draft

Should the American government focus the bulk of its law enforcement resources on fighting organized crime, or counter-terrorism?

Research and develop a 14–16 page paper that addresses the following:Discuss the history of organized crime in America. Include in your discussion a definition of organized crime; a detailed, thorough example of a criminal organization currently operating in the United States; the types of crimes it engages in; and (if possible) who its leadership is. Include a discussion of rival criminal organizations.Discuss the history of terrorism in America, and make sure to include domestic terrorism in your history (do not forget that prior to 9/11, the most devastating terrorist attack on U.S. territory was perpetrated by a fellow American). Detail the various terrorist activities and the organizations behind them that have taken place on U.S. soil.</a'expanded';""></a'collapsed';"">


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