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Submit Milestone Two, which is the second of two milestones for the final project in this course. For th



Submit Milestone Two, which is the second of two milestones for the final project in this course. For this milestone, you will complete Section III: People, Interests, Options, Criteria (PIOC) Analysis Overview and Section IV: Communication Strategies of the final project.

Milestone Two should incorporate your work from:

  • Module Four Small Group Discussion: Five Communication Strategy Recommendations
  • Module Four Discussion: ZOPA and BATNA for Alice Jones
  • Module Five Discussion: Proxemics
  • Module Five Assignment: Questions for the Negotiating Session

In your submission, you should recommend options that address both parties’ distributive and integrative interests, using both overt and tacit communication prompts that could be used in the negotiation meeting by Sharon Slade.

Consider blind spots that Sharon Slade may have (but may not be aware of) and that Alice Jones may know. You will want to refer to our readings on the Johari window that address this issue. Be sure to address these potential blind spots when formulating the negotiating positions that you will recommend to Sharon Slade. Doing this will increase the likelihood of reaching an integrative, win-win negotiation outcome.


A ZOPA and BATNA for Alice

Unacceptable options for Alice in her in a Severance Agreement if fired

If Alice was dismissed, any compensation below what her colleagues have got in the past for comparable positions scenarios, particularly for similar lengths of service, would’ve been inappropriate. For instance, she has worked for the company for more than ten years, thus her pay cut should contain severance payout compensation. If Netflix has previously paid fourteen days of compensation for each full year of employment, Alice has worked for the company for ten years which means she is supposed to get five years of salary as part of her severance package. Just like her former dismisses coworkers, Alice must also be entitled to the same health and related benefits. According to Fischer (n.d.), Netflix’s organizational culture follows the policy of letting go of personnel who are no longer needed.

Options that Alice offer to keep her position at Netflix

The performance improvement plan should be monitored by Alice and the direct manager if Sharon signs the agreement or agrees on the monitoring as a way of tracking development. Goal setting as well as timelines for certain habits and tasks to be completed are examples of what needs monitoring. Alice might also agree to take away her extra pecuniary perks like bonuses, royalties, and deferred compensation. Alice may not have been informed of her underperformance, particularly if the new leadership didn’t to offer such information. Sharon may be more ready to support Alice to perform as a means of enhancing her efficiency if the monetary risk of having her leave the company is reduced.

Alice’s Best Alternative for a Negotiated Agreement

The objectives of Sharon Slade and the company (Netflix) include reducing exposure and increasing efficiency among their internal personnel. Netflix’s objective is to become a market leader in the streaming industry and in order to do so, it must recruit and keep outstanding talent (Mier & Kohli, 2021). Sharon’s objectives include increasing performance on a constant basis, reducing turnover through recruiting the right people/professionals, and developing a work environment that blends the interests of the organizational and employees. Alice should investigate possible approaches to suit the demands of the two parties inside her domain of probable accord, following the interests of the company: Netflix, and aims of Sharon Slade of lowering expenses and improving performance. Sharon can also contemplate switching positions or responsibilities to a job that truly reflects her level of expertise and the demands of the organization. Even though doing so would almost certainly result in a salary drop, Alice will be able to develop her achievements at Netflix and will have the option to advance her prospective development inside the company. Such as plan could allow a more skilled individual to perfectly match the demands of the role, and in cases where Alice is relocated to a job where she can succeed, the organization will save money (Patty McCord, n.d). Alice may also think about working for Netflix on specialized projects that match her talents and expertise. Alice must be willing to take on a new job inside the company, and Netflix should be willing to make concessions with income and perks. A consensual understanding that suits both sides’ requirements may undoubtedly be established if both parties are prepared to offer and accept.



Mier, J., & Kohli, A. K. (2021). Netflix: reinvention across multiple time periods, reflections and directions for future research. AMS Review, 1-12.

Patty McCord. (n.d). People and Culture: The Woman Behind the Netflix Culture Doc. First Round Review.



Negotiation represents a focused type of communication in which each party has a specific target to achieve from the conversation. During negotiations, parties always take different sides by expressing their divergent opinions and hoping that they will agree to their terms. In the case that they disagree, both parties should look for a level playing ground. Communication is an essential element in negation. Both tacit and overt communications are crucial to negotiation. In the article, we will write a recommendation to Sharon Slade, the Chief Human Resource Officer at Netflix, on the techniques to use to make a positive first impression using tacit communication, give an example of effective overt communication that Sharon can utilize during negotiation, identify an example of a location that will boast both Sharon and Alice confidence and the basis of such a discussion, explain situations that Sharon can use tacit communication and when to use overt communication. Lastly, compare the impact of tacit and overt communication in the situations.

Tacit communication represents the unexpressed recognition of the position others take that leads to a strategy for a shared activity. being confident is the tacit communication technique that Sharon can use to make an excellent first impression. (Yousaf, 2018). This will ensure that they will remain attentive and not showcase their weakness. The other technique is to ensure that she greats Alice warmly but in an official manner. It is also essential that she wears a smile on her face at the right moment.

Overt communication comprises two elements; explicit communication, which refers to an individual’s word choice in their sentences when communicating. Secondly, implicit communication refers to the nonverbal aspects in communication, such as tone and gestures. Sharon should focus on the correct word choices that will not show animosity or anger in this scenario. Secondly, she should use a friendly but confident tone.

Location is always important during negotiations. The best place to indulge in a win-win negotiation conversation should be a neutral place. Therefore, for Sharon and Alice, they should choose a hotel or a coffee house with improved privacy levels. The ideal basis of the conversation should be a business venture. Sharon should use tacit communication when the other person is talking by being attentive and listening. This will help portray her as being interested in the other party’s ideas and respectful.  Sharon should use overt communication when she is the one talking and presenting her ideas. This will ensure that she attracts Alice’s attention and ensure that her points have been heard.


Yousaf, N. (2018, April 1). Researchers conducted a gender equality experiment on 500 recruits. Science Nordic. Retrieved from–culture/how-to-communicate-better-at-work/1455133

Reply to Thread


Proxemics Discussion

            The analysis of proxemics provides insight into the daily operations that people and their non-verbal communication techniques. The video on “Cultural proxemics. Personal space” includes people from diverse backgrounds. The video explains that personal space is dependent on the environment and situation taking place. People experience tension when they are placed in highly uncomfortable persona space scenarios. The study of proxemics reveals that personal space occurs in different distances depending on the type of relationship that people have. Intimate space “requires 45 centimetres, personal space uses 1.2 meters, social space uses 3.7 meters, and public space uses 7.6 meters”. This is easily observable when observing people engaged in conversations.

            The type of relationship shared by people causes them to place themselves in different distances. People with intimate relationships like romance or friendship use 1.2 meters and the space distance increases as the relationship becomes more formal. Proxemics reveals that person interactions use these dimensions: “voice volume, body heat, eye contact, smell, touch, gender and body position, and the space context observed”. Intimate space is often awkward when people do not possess close relationships.

            The brain’s component called amygdala instructs people to identify social space. The behavior of people is dependent on their culture. In Asia, for instance, people in public spaces can rest their heads on strangers when they share public space. The behavior of people can get changed once people adapt other culture’s behaviors. The US culture allows people to enter property of their neighbors as long as they do not invade to much. In Germany, simply being on another person’s personal space gets frowned upon. Germans prefer closing personal space doors while Americans prefer being open.

            In Middle Eastern countries, personal space is very limited since the country’s are crowded. This causes people to have less authority to claim public space. The study of cultures of different nations leads to this classification: Asian cultures are non-contact, North American and Northern European cultures are low-contact, Mediterranean, Arab, and Latin cultures are high-contact. Understanding cultural background is critical to ensure reduction in conflicts. The overall outcome is to ensure all people limit space to personal social space to avoid awkwardness caused by intimate space.


Елена Иванова. (2014). Cultural proxemics. Personal space. [Video]. Retrieved 8 June 2021 from

Reply to Thread


Bargaining with Alice Jones

The new film platforms regulations allow for numerous business partnership with content creators. Don’t they?

This question allows Alice Jones to give her perspective on the newly developed film hosting platform regulations and allow her elucidate on any possible opportunity under the new laws. Alternative questions aim at soliciting a point of view that is favorable to the negotiating partner (Saorín & Cubillo, 2019). By asking this, I will be expecting to establish all the opportunities that are exploitable under the new laws in the industry. Additionally, the question provides an opportunity for the listener to further establish Alice’s position, attitude, good will and perspective towards my suggested film hosting on the top industry film hosting platform. However, this question is open and does not see to capture a specific aspect of the business partnership. It therefore only lays the ground for an extensive conversation. 

What room do you have for future partnerships and to what extent are you willing to accommodate another party?

This is an open ended question which seeks to understand the exploitable space from the Alice Jones. Experts in interpersonal and business communications have attributed open conversations to open ended questions, indicating that such questions allows room for engagements that achieve in providing opportunities of exploitation of possible provisions. By asking this question during the negotiation, I will be intending to have a wider context of the possible opportunities with the managing director. For instance, the question my help me understand Netflix internal policies and prevailing business conditions. With this information, I will be in a position to estimate the nature of opportunities available given the unique circumstances that the organization is working in. However, the question is too general and does not source specific information of interests. In such circumstances there are possible objections which would cripple a gainful negotiation (Geiger & Hüffmeier, 2020)

Do you want us to adopt a mutually beneficial marketing scheme or a one sided platform provision scheme?

This type of question is aimed at seeking a position that is comfortable with the other negotiating party and is mostly used to salvage an opportunity especially when the other bargaining party is about to vacate a position that would benefit the negotiating party (Sikveland et al., 2020). With the question I will be seeking to understand what provision is good for Alice. The question will further help me in creating a choice between two alternatives that are beneficial to me. However, the question is likely to get any kind of response hence providing an opportunity for objections. 

Are you willing to share with me the possible terms of collaborative marketing for partners whose content would be mutually beneficial?

This is a specific closed ended question where the likely answers are yes or no. Researchers in business and organizational communications have attributed this nature of question to absolute stands and conclusive statements (Sikveland et al., 2020). Given this nature of the question, the inquiry is likely to stifle bargaining conversations as a negative answer closes the possibility of any further bargaining with the executive. Consequently, I would use this question towards the end of the conversation and its usage would be subject to my assessment of getting an affirmative response. 


Geiger, I., & Hüffmeier, J. (2020). “The more, the merrier” or “less is more”? How the number of issues addressed in B2B sales negotiations affects dyadic and seller economic outcomes. Industrial Marketing Management, 87, 90-105. Retrieved from;

Sikveland, R. O., Kevoe-Feldman, H., & Stokoe, E. (2020). Overcoming suicidal persons’ resistance using productive communicative challenges during police crisis negotiations. Applied Linguistics, 41(4), 533-551. Retrieved from;

Saorín-Iborra, M. C., & Cubillo, G. (2019). Supplier behavior and its impact on customer satisfaction: A new characterization of negotiation behavior. Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, 25(1), 53-68. Retrieved from;

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