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The instruction to follow is in the browse files.


Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts in substantive responses no less than 100 words per response with attention to current realities and applications. I need 50 words each on Ques 1 & 2

Question 1: You cite one source that says the Board can be made up of amatures, and the CEO is a “total employee.” I do disagree that all the members of the Board are amateurs. But there are concerns about how the Board can see issues in an agency and thereby drive the agency in a particular direction. I can see that this issue can lead to potential conflict as well. What are your thoughts?


Worth, M. J. (2021). Nonprofit Management: Principles and practices (6th ed.). Sage Publications, Inc.

FORUM1: No two organizations are the same, so the CEO’s job can vary widely. The governing board has a responsibility to support its CEO and the CEO has the reciprocal responsibility to support the board (Worth, 2021). The relationship between the CEO and the board is very complex. The chief executive shares responsibility with eh governing board in regard to mission, financial stewardship, fundraising, accountability, planning, performance standard, and the work of the board. The CEO has to switch between leadership/management and at times may dictate. Management is concerned with day-to-day operations. The concentration is on policies, procedures, rules, and processes. Leadership is about purpose, vision, and direction, more concentration on the “where & why,” than the “how.” Staying focused on the mission is a guidepost for the CEO, for all decisions. Sometimes there are proposals that might be viable, but do not advance the mission. The CEO can use the mission as a virtual shield against pressure from staff or board.


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