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You have just completed 10 weeks of a course on information technology ethics. Imagine you have been asked t


You have just completed 10 weeks of a course on information technology ethics. Imagine you have been asked t

You have just completed 10 weeks of a course on information technology ethics. Imagine you have been asked to create a one-day training course titled “Ethical IT Design and Development.” The course will highlight the important elements of what you have just learned in the past 10 weeks.

  • Create a hierarchy of five of the most important and relevant topics you feel need to be addressed in the one-day course.
  • Provide a detailed rationale for each of the five topics.


Hello professor and class,

1. what are ethical policies, Procedure, and guidelines within an IT organization; Ethical Policies; are a set of guidelines for all employees to do what is right and behave at a specific standard; it also encourages moral conducts defining the culture of a company. Furthermore Standards policies; require a set of rules, these are the rules that govern a company, moreover Procedure; provides the how, providing step-by-step instruction for a specific routine task, sometimes there is a checklist or a series of steps for the employee to follow and lastly guidelines; can be a general, often non-mandatory recommendation, and they can provide better ideas on how to proceed with a specific situation. Understanding the difference can help a company have a strong culture.

2. protecting an organization’s proprietary data, trade secrets, and customer data; companies may require a confidential agreement; also, some of the security controls would be to Identify and prioritize personal information, determine appropriate access, and provide access to employees who need this information to perform their job. Finally, the company can complete the risk assessment. Many businesses are using cloud services to share data with other organizations and safeguard confidential information.

3. protecting identifiable information (PII); some consumer protection laws safeguard identifiable information, such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), requires the consent of the patient to disclose someone’s medical information being that someone’s medical record is personally identifiable information, Electronic communication act protects communication such as email, telephone conversation, and data store electronically in someone’s computer. Someone carries inside their device personally identifiable information, and Children’s online privacy protection requires websites not to collect or share personal information for a child under 13 years old.

4. what is artificial intelligence (EI); artificial intelligence (AI) is here to help us, not replace us; AI will eliminate specific job categories that are simple—creating other job categories that will enable a person to use their full potential and helps the overall economy.

5. social engineering and social media; social engineering is a method use to exploit human errors to obtain private  information, access or valuables in other words these group of people can be call human hackers they tend to lead other to believe that they are someone that they are not in order to have the other party expose data, on the other hand social media is just a platform of communication where people can have a sense of community and also keep up with what others are doing, it is important for a company to set guidelines regarding the use of social media for work also provide the employee the necessary trainings to identify social engineer.


Management Information Systems (MIS) is a formal discipline within business education that bridges the gap between computer science and well-known business disciplines such as finance, marketing, and management. In spite of this, most students will only take one or two MIS courses as part of their undergraduate program.

2.MIS basics- Hardware, Software, and securities mentioned in the course introduction, much of MIS is now centered on technology. Accordingly, MIS capabilities are mostly limited to the hardware and software capabilities of a given system. Ten years ago, the average Internet user could download an MP3 music file in a few minutes over a cable. This can now be done in seconds wirelessly from just about anywhere in the developed world thanks to improvements in hardware and software.

3- Information System and Organization Strategy

Strategic MIS is the application of information management in the overall strategy of a business. Many corporations include a Chief Information Officer (CIO) in executive management to implement information systems to be more competitive. What good would it do for Apple to create an iPhone application that can tell where you are and serve you ads based on location? 

4- Information System Development

Businesses have diverse needs. While software packages for managing information exist, most software is not “plug and play” ready for most business applications. IT departments, in conjunction with representatives from all lines of business, must work together to develop and implement information system solutions. 

5- Information System in Society and the world

Information systems’ reach extends well beyond the world of business. Today it is nearly as easy to communicate with someone on the other side of the world as it is to talk to someone next door. New technologies create situations that society has never dealt with before. How do we handle the new capabilities that these technologies enable? Will societies need new laws, new social mores, to protect us from ourselves regarding technology?


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